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The E3 factsheet.

Product Description

Play as the fearsome Predator in this officially licensed game based on Robert Rodriguez’s new sci-fi, action thriller film, PREDATORS TM . Hone your tracking skills and killing techniques to lethal precision as you collect the most prized trophies – heads of human prey. Unlock new weapons and leverage your stealth abilities to hide from enemies. Be wary of human fighters’ attempts to band together to defeat you. Teach them that resistance is futile as you eliminate them one-by-one.

Game Features

Thrilling Gameplay: Immerse yourself into the brutal world of PREDATORS, where the goal is to strike your human prey swiftly and silently. Begin the hunt and end their lives. Controls: Deliver deadly combo hits through intuitive joystick controls and attack buttons. 24 Missions / Varied Environments: Track through the jungle and other eerie killing grounds while battling nature’s elements and the affects these elements have on a player’s ability to collect the head’s of human prey. Fearsome Weapons: Utilize a full range of weapons to wreak havoc on the human prey:

o Long Range Weapons – Shoulder Cannons and Smart Discs let you quickly sweep and blast the humans to pieces.

o Short Range Weapons – Wrist Blade and Spears allow you to produce close attacks, slicing and impaling your prey.

o Special Weapons – Net Gun, Stealth Generator and Thermal Vision enable you to carefully trap and stalk enemies.

o Bonus Abilities – Unlock new weapon features that allow you to escape injury and outlast opponents.

Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Brag about your gruesome victories and trophies with Crystal’s online leaderboards! Product Specifications:

Publisher: Chillingo and FOX Digital Entertainment

Developer: Angry Mob Games

Ship Date: June 2010

Category: Action

Rating: Ages 9+

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