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Postal III

Presidential poster campaign launched.


October 10, 2008

Tucson, AZ: The artistically-inclined members of Running With Scissors, creators and proprietors of the long-running POSTAL videogame franchise, first found themselves creating faux movie posters to accompany the launch of director Uwe Boll’s notorious movie based on their games.

“Posters are a powerful medium. From politics to movies to your favorite musical group, young and old people around the world have been infected by this unique art form,” announced RWS’ CEO and Presidential Moderator Vince Desi. “So now with no pride in our politically correct system I’m announcing our endorsement of the new RWS POSTAL POSTERS campaign. My friends, let me tell you about the latest addition to the POSTAL POSTER campaign…

“Postal Bama Dude and his running mate Pit Palen Bull Champ”

“My friends, [*WINK*] in classic RWS maverick style, our posters go beyond the usual clichés and express the sense of humor so desperately needed in the world today, you betcha! Now that’s what I’m talkin bout [*WINK*]!”

Spoofing famous posters for films including “Scarface”, “Grindhouse” and the latest Indiana Jones flick, Postal Posters began to appear regularly in press releases and on the GoPostal site this summer. Inspired by the enthusiastic reaction from fans, the posters are now available at the company’s online store with more to come.

Posters have been the most populist art form in America since the 1960s. Whether it was the Beatles, the Woodstock bird or reproductions of movie posters that boomed in the wake of the first Star Wars films, hardly a bedroom in the nation has lacked a series of posters on its walls.

Moving beyond the world of movie posters, upcoming Postal Posters will be showcased in each new issue of the company’s online magazine, POSTAL NATION before joining the complete collection in the RWS store .

For more information on Postal games and gear, as well as updates on the development of POSTAL III visit our new expanded site and be sure to visit for in-depth coverage of the RWS scene.

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