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Physics CAN be fun, we're assured.

We would like to announce that our latest iPhone/iPod touch game “polyhedra” has been submitted to Apple for approval!

A trailer of the game is up on YouTube here:

Screenshots and information can be found on our website:


Use gravity to your advantage in this addicting physics-based action game! Sounds easy, right? Think again! There are enemy particles and other shapes to worry about!

The Goal

Fill more than 66% of the screen with shapes to complete a level. The game ends when you run out of shapes.


- Real physics-based interaction; watch the different shapes hit and roll off each other based on real mass and gravity!

- Use the accelerometer to change can use this to your advantage

- Unlimited levels...your only limitation is how well you do

- 6 different Zones to play...each one offers unique challenges

- Global online leaderboards...rank yourself amongst other players worldwide! 6 different leaderboards to rank your scores. (Global leaderboard functionality provided by the AGON Online Social Platform for iPhone Games.)

- Play around in the Toy Box as long as you like...create and remove shapes, move them around, rotate the screen to watch them fall. Set the song you like and the background colors you like. The choice is yours!

- Listen to the over 8 minutes of original music, or play the game listening to your own iPod music

- Colorful and fluid graphics

Coming Soon

- Awards: receive awards as you play. Put them on your leaderboard wall to show all the other players how good you are!

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