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Pocket God

Sharks on the loose in Episode 25.

SAN FRANCISCO - Sept. 8, 2009

The island inhabitants of Pocket God just can’t catch a break. Previously, in Episode 23 of the smash-hit iPhone deity simulator, the little guys had to deal with the razor-sharp teeth of bloodthirsty piranhas – and two episodes later, they face a new set of predators. And this time, they are much better armed.

Now, in Episode 25: “Sharks With Frickin’ Laserbeams Attached to Their Heads,” the Pygmies of Pocket God will have to contend with Sharks. Sharks with frickin’ laserbeams attached to their heads.

The technologically enhanced creatures are just part of a massive upgrade to the game’s undersea area, also home to the “Bait Master” piranha minigame. No longer must deities go through the tiresome effort of summoning a tsunami – now, the underwater zone can be visited directly from the location menu.

Once underneath the waves, Pocket God players can replace the Bait Master Anchor with the new Chum Bucket, scattering delicious shark bait around the sea, or handing some to a doomed Pygmy. Once drawn out from hiding – probably in some sort of evil volcano lair – the laser-laden sharks will enthusiastically consume their prey. As an added bonus, players can aim the sharks’ lasers using the iPhone’s accelerometer, zapping away at as many Pygmies as they can.

Pocket God can be purchased in the iTunes App Store by pointing your browser to

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