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PlayStation Move passes 1 million in Americas

SCEA "on target to meet end of year goals" as it notes motion control milestone

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that is has shipped more than 1 million units of PlayStation Move, since launching a month ago.

The milestone is, according to CEO Jack Tretton, in line with expectation and keeps the company on course for end of year targets, and follows the news that sales in Europe hit 1.5 million in the first 30 days on sale.

"PlayStation Move is the most recent example of how product innovation continues to provide our customers with new and exciting ways to enjoy our technology," said Tretton. "We've shipped over one million units in the first month in North and Latin America.

"Retail demand is incredibly strong and we're working hard to keep the product in stock. We believe consumers have already shown their preference for a precise, interactive game experience.

"We are on target to meet our end of year goals and expect sales to increase as our publishers and developers continue to update popular titles and introduce new games."

Move is priced at $99 in the US for the complete bundle, with 24 titles currently available that can utilise the motion control functionality, including Heavy Rain and EyePet.

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