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Player Two PR sets up indie publishing label Mooncat Games

New firm to handle the release A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, The Garden Path, and Remnants of the Rift

Player Two PR has created a new indie publishing label called Mooncat Games.

An extension of the PR and marketing agency, Mooncat will "offer a broad range of custom services" beyond these two areas, its website says, including localisation, distribution and platform partnerships, storefront management, business development, porting, and QA.

Mooncat Games will be led by Player Two PR founder Charlene Lebrun as director.

"With greater and greater frequency during the COVID pandemic, we came into contact with developer teams we dearly wanted to work with, but whose size and budget just couldn’t support an agency-client relationship," the website further explains. "Our team began to offer additional services and profit-sharing agreements, just to make it possible to help excellent teams make lovely games. Before we knew it, we had signed three gorgeous indie titles, and Mooncat Games was born."

As shared on Twitter, Mooncat's debut titles will be A Long Journey to an Uncertain End from Crispy Creative (out today), Carrot Cake's The Garden Path (due later this year on PC and Switch), and Bromio's Remnants of the Rift, currently in early access.

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