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Pizza Delivery Boy

Get a slice of it via new trailer.

Majesco Entertainment Company and developer Attractive Games LTD today released the preview trailer from the upcoming Wii™ title Pizza Delivery Boy. As evidenced in the trailer, players use the Wii Remote™ as an all-in-one kitchen utensil and driving wheel to prepare and deliver a plethora of palatable pizzas to hungry customers in three bustling burgs. However, they must avoid a number of obstacles that stand between them and the coveted title of Pizza Boy of the Year! The Wii exclusive game is expected to release in March 2010 and is rated E for Everyone.

The key to happiness and success can been measured with a good slice of pizza. This has never been more evident than in Pizza Delivery Boy's three vibrant fully 3D communities whose population experienced bliss and happiness each time they enjoyed the delectable pizzas made by three brothers who each ran their own successful restaurants. Unfortunately the bungling brothers let the success go to their heads and their once thriving palaces are now on the brink of ruin. The towns are in desperate need of a local hero. As the brothers' new hire, it is the player's task to restore the faltering pizza parlors to their past prominence. The player must make money by baking and delivering pizzas throughout the three busy towns, which are crawling with scoundrels and hazards like hungry hobos, oil slicks and student drivers. As with all jobs, this one also has its perks as players can unlock a variety of speedy vehicles and earn extra cash on their days off by taking on various side missions.

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