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Pipe Rush

Plumbing puzzler up on the App Store.

Pipe Rush, the fast frenetic puzzler from Clickgamer and Flysoft is now available on the Apple App Store. Help Pippa connect the water supply to the thirsty townsfolk! Use your pipe generating machine to create a system that connects all the houses before it’s too late. The town is depending on you!

Pipe Rush features unique gameplay and fantastic graphics that will appeal to the whole family. The best part, it’s only $.99!

Pipe Rush Game Features

Pippa's got a few tricks in her utility belt! Feed spare pipes back into the machine Remove unwanted pipes from the ground with Dynamite, and play special pipes to activate power-ups! Use Magic pipe pieces that let you select any kind of segment you wish at the stroke of a finger. When you're in a tight spot and low on time, use Parachutes to drop in the right piece. Make sure the conveyor belt producing the pipes does not fill up, or the machine will explode! Meanwhile, make sure you're sending water to all of the houses in town before itís too late! Not hard enough? Well, Pippa's difficult day just got even worse, because some very thirsty aliens have sent down UFOs to beam away her pipes as she lays them... So you'll need to counter their attacks and restore the water flow while keeping ahead of the clock! Be careful and watch out for aliens, earthquakes and waves of fog to will try and overcome your efforts, you'll have to keep your wits about you! Pipe Rush includes full Crystal Integration with Online Leader Boards for you to share your high scores! Get Pipe Rush today!

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