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Puzzler now available in Lite form too.

Picturati Lite Slider Puzzle - Lite (Free) version of the best slider puzzle game is now available on App store.

App Store link : itms://

Picturati Lite is an addictive full screen slider puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch. It consists of several pieces of a picture in a jumbled order. The objective of the game is to get all the pieces back to its original position by sliding them around to form the original picture again.


1. Built-in picture library : Every new game randomly selects one of the 6 beautiful pictures bundled with the game. (Get the full version to get more than four dozen beautiful pictures)

2. Two difficulty levels : Easy and Medium. (Full version has Hard and Expert as well).

3. Show/Hide piece number : Displays piece number on the piece to identify where it need to fit in.

4. Play songs from within the app : You can build your own on-the-go playlist from within the app and play them without quitting the application.

5. Every game is solvable : The pieces are jumbled such that they form the original picture back again. No more frustration over unsolvable puzzles.

6. Autosave : Game is automatically saved when you receive a phone call or when you quit the application.

Full version features :

Full version of the game has all the features of the Lite version. Additionally, it has following features.

1. More built in pictures : Full version has more than four dozen beautiful pictures.

2. Four difficulty levels : Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert, to keep you busy for a long time.

3. Choose your own picture : You can choose a picture from your iPhone / iPod Touch picture library.

App Store link of full version : itms://

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