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PayByCash president to talk at Austin GDC

Kevin Higgins will discuss localising payment options for different global regions

Kevin Higgins, president of the online payment service provider, PayByCash, will deliver a talk on expanding the markets for online games to larger global audiences at the Austin Game Developers Conference, taking place over September 15-17 in the Austin Convention Centre, Texas.

His talk, "Localisation Is More Than Language", will explore payment options and challenges associated with localising payment options for different global regions.

"Many online game developers believe that globalisation means language and cultural sensitivities," commented Higgins. "But, if you are not sensitive to payment options suited to the markets you wish to reach, you have not completed your job."

"Many game providers view alternate payment options as simply a way to pay for online goods and services without a credit card. We will also deal with issues of regional preference and payment security, particularly in markets where credit card fraud rates are especially high."

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