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PAX East attendance figures up by 17,000

US public games expo sees numbers rise to almost 70,000 visitors

The recent PAX East event in Boston has seen a significant rise in visitor figures, from 52,290 in 2010 to a total of 69,500 this year.

The consumer expo is the latest to be overseen by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, the creators of online game comic Penny Arcade. The results confirm the event as the largest of its type in North America - exceeding even the 45,600 attendees of the press-only E3 2010.

The PAX East event is traditionally the smaller of the two expos, with the original PAX Prime conference attracting 67,600 visitors last year. Although the new PAX East figures exceed this total it is expected that PAX Prime will also see a significant increase in attendance in 2011.

Previously Krahulik and Holkins have hinted at plans to create an international event, although so far no announcements have been made.

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David Jenkins