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68,000 attend PAX, international follow-up planned

Latest Penny Arcade expo is largest consumer show in US

The seventh annual PAX Prime conference attracted 67,600 visitors, its organisers have revealed. This is an increase of 7000 over last year's show.

The consumer expo, established by the creators of online game comic Penny Arcade, has now become the largest of its kind in the US, casting a tall shadow over E3 2010's 45,600 visitors - although that is of course trade-only. Last month's GamesCom remains the largest show internationally, drawing 254000 consumers.

Even March's Boston-based spin-off, PAX East, lured 52,290 attendees, and will next year move to larger premises.

The success has led to Penny Arcade owners Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins discussing the possibility of a third, international event.

Gamasutra claimed the destination would be "somewhere the duo want to visit."

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