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Patch for all users of FScene2004 - Attractive Bundle Deals!

It's a small update - on a foggy day you would not miss it - but these 84 revised textures give you just that little bit of extra "next to reality" feeling in many parts of the FS-world. It's recommended for all FScene Projects. Works in all 4 seasons. So why wait?!

Registered users get a free download at the FScene site:

New pricelist is out for download files ! - Spectacular Bundle Deals:

- 1 season EUR 15.00 normal price: EUR 19.00

- 4 seasons EUR 36.00 normal price: EUR 76.00

- 8 seasons EUR 44.00 normal price: EUR 152.00

- 1 worldpack EUR 55.00 normal price: EUR 96.00

For full information visit the FScene site

About FScene

This innovative software transforms the default scenery textures of Flight Simulator 2004/2002 to something with far greater realism. Mountains, forests, jungles and deserts take on a new 3-dimensional feel; the countryside is subtly transformed and urban areas look more... urbane. The world's continents are improved across the four seasons as the generic ground textures are replaced with more realistic ones.

The program is replacing thousands of ground-textures with new texture files, that are specially designed to match the characteristics of the landscape on the different continents much better than the default ones do... Additionally, a special drawing technique applied to the textures gives them almost the impression of being three-dimensional. No matter if you fly over cities, springtime meadows, Carribean Islands, or south american rainforrest, FScene will turn every flight into an optical experience of enhanced realism.

FScene includes spring, summer, autumn and winter textures to give your flying a makeover that lasts all year! Frame rate-friendly textures won't slow your flying down!

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