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Parachute Panic

Version 1.2 expected to land safely.

Parachute Panic was an instant success when it was launched in May 2009 for the iPhone and iPod touch. Within 1 week it became a blockbuster arcade game on the iTunes App Store, reaching the #1 Top paid (all apps) position in 4 countries and #6 Top paid app on the US App Store. Now - we´re back with 2 stories:

Release of Parachute Panic LITE:

Finally, almost 3 months after its initial release, FDG Entertainment gives every owner of an iPhone or iPod touch the chance to get a FREE taste of this exciting game. Find out why everybody is talking about this game! The LITE version is available since today, 08-06-2009!

Parachute Panic 1.2 coming soon:

Owners of the full version rejoice! The recently announced 1.2 update is almost finished and will soon be submitted to iTunes. Parachute Panic 1.2 is a huge update with everything gamers could ask for. Here is a list of the new features:

- Online leader board, separated into EASY/NORMAL mode scores

- Buddy list, direct friend invitation

- Live challenge feature

- Additional bonus score object: Jumping fishes

- Win back lives by catching flying storks, carrying babies!

- Permanently increase the amount of lives from 5 to now 10 lives

- OS 3.0 features: iPod music, in App purchase

About the game:

Parachute Panic is a casual game that requires you to successfully land a host of parachutists into passing boats. Beware of imminent dangers such as helictopter blades, U.F.O´s, sharks and thunder clouds. The unique drawing style and addictive gameplay gathered a lot of interest from gamers all around the globe and quickly captured their hearts. Who could withstand such a simple to play yet hard to master minute killer, offering beautiful hand drawn graphics, smooth animations, catchy a-capella music and awesome sound effects in one inexpensive $0.99 app download.

Youtube Video:

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