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Pacific Storm - beta test!

Lesta Studio an independent developer of interactive entertainment software offers you an exciting opportunity to work as a Volunteer QA/Game Tester on "Pacific Storm" in a closed beta test. Game testing experience preferred but not necessary. Candidate must have experience playing RTS/war-game/air simulation games.


As a QA Tester, you will be responsible for running and creating test cases/test suites, performing testing, verify claimed bug fixes and entering data into bug tracking system. Teamwork and a professional attitude is KEY to this role. Both verbal and written communication along with interpersonal skills is a MUST!

Job description QA/Game Tester:

- Follow test plan to release software on time and with known quality.

- Ensure bugs reports are written clearly and accurately, detailing anomalies.

- Review Software documentation for accuracy and completeness

- Verify implemented fixes throughout the product in a timely manner

- Use database to record bugs and specific test results


- English as a native language

- Familiarity with PC games

- Own modern PC able to run Software and have access to the Internet

- Strong written and verbal communication

- Ability to remain focused until project completion

- Ability to troubleshoot and analyze software defects

- Quick learner, work independently

- Follow directions well

Desired skills

- Software troubleshooting

- Experience/understanding of console or PC game testing

You must submit a resume to be considered. Please send your resumes based on this template ( to this e-mail address: and write "Pacific Storm beta test" in the Subject field of your message.

Resume Deadline: August 21, 2005

Successful candidates will be asked to sign a copy of a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement and send it to us via fax.

On August 29 we'll start sending out copies of English public demo of the game for testing.


Pacific Storm is a game that features the battles in the Pacific during WW2 and combines global military strategy, tactical, and arcade simulator level. It is possible to play either for the US or for the Japanese military forces in large-scale air and sea battles. The game starts in 1940 and continues till 1948 and by this time player can develop different technologies, use new weapons and even turn the course of history. The game is a great blend of three different genres (RTS, tactics and simulator), and gives a player the opportunity to make strategic and tactical decisions, as well as a possibility to immediately "inhabit" one of the subordinate units and personally help your forces to fight the battle. The unique features of Pacific Storm are global strategic mode, thoroughly developed tactical mode, and the dynamic flight simulator.

Founded in 1991, Lesta Studio is now one of the leading Russian game development studios. Our talented team can produce various game and video projects with high quality and at a short notice using professional technical basis situated in the historical center of St. Petersburg and constantly developing technologies. We are actively working on our projects. Lesta Studio in association with Buka Entertainment has designed and produced The Entente WW1 Battlefields, which is the first strategy about WW1. At the moment we are also working on some unannounced game projects.

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