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Outsource – basking in the Glory…


LONDON, UK. Outsource Media, a few months ago, secured the prestige position of supplying the audio production for Codemasters title Second Sight created by respected developers Free Radical Design.

Since the games release it has received much press acclaim due to its combination of psychological thriller narrative, paranormal psychic abilities, stealthy exploration and intense shooter action.

Mark Estdale (CEO, Outsource Media) said

"Working with Free Radicals is great; the production values that they apply carry through to all aspects of their game - including the audio, and it's nice that the contribution of voices is being recognised in the press as well as within the industry."

Well that's what he meant. What he actually said was "Cheers! Mines a pint."

Rob Smith (Senior Development Manager, Codemasters) said

"One of the many strong aspects of Second Sight is the superb narrative that drives the action of the game. Outsource have taken an exceptional script and delivered very high production - we're extremely pleased with the results."

Graeme Norgate (Head of Music and Sound Free Radical) Said

Working with Outsource Media is always a pleasure. Excellent voice talent and a relaxed studio atmosphere help us produce the high quality results Free Radical strive for.

"Each character also comes with the kind of quality voice acting that allows the story to develop in an interesting and measured way, never resorting to the kind of fingernails-down-blackboards cringe that most games (including Psi-Ops) always seem to default to."

"..some truly Hollywood standard scripting and voice acting really brings these people to life."

"..some great voice acting"

".. characterisation is further established by the strong voice talent used."

"The audio is top-quality, not only is the voice-acting outstanding but the there's some pretty atmospheric music in there too.."

"..some first-rate voice acting."

"Voice acting is generally well done and believable, and helps to enhance each of the characters."

"..the voice acting is great.."

"Excellent voice acting that helps to make the plot all the more compelling, coupled with a hugely atmospheric soundtrack."

About Outsource Media

Formed in 1996, Outsource Media specialises in voice production, Quality Assurance (QA) and localisation with studio facilities in Sheffield, London and Los Angeles.

These services are tailored for the videogame industry but extend to TV, movie, radio and advertising. Outsource prides itself on a quality guarantee based on delivery, facilities, experience and creativity.

Outsource boasts an impressive range of clients including Electronic Arts, Sony, Acclaim THQ International, SCI, Blitz, Zoo Digital and Sony Pictures.

Titles include: Conflict Desert Storm II, The Great Escape, Formula 1 2002/3, Destruction Derby Arenas, Lord of the Rings, Timesplitters 2, Conflict Desert Storm, Yager, Drakan II, X-Beyond the Frontier, Wipeout Fusion, Stewart Little 2, Ballerburg, Independence War II - Edge of Chaos....


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Telephone 01296 712522

Mobile 07788 971810

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