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OTK launches publishing label Mad Mushroom

Content creators collective to work with veteran Mike Sibowitz as leading advisor

Content creation company OTK Media is launching its own publishing label, called Mad Mushroom.

The publisher will be working with Krafton, NCSoft, and Square Enix veteran Mike Sibowitz as leading advisor.

Mad Mushroom will revolve around three core ideas, the announcement said: help indies "avoid predatory publishing deals and high user acquisition costs," as well as give access to "full-service game testing and reviews" and to "influencer marketing and creators for distribution across diverse gaming audiences."

OTK was co-founded in 2020 by content creators Asmongold, Emiru, Esfand, Mizkif, Nmplol, Sodapoppin, and Tips Out. The co-owners will all be involved in the publishing label.

Sibowitz commented: "Our goal at Mad Mushroom is to entitle indie developers with flexible publishing options and personalized guidance. What sets us apart is our unprecedented exposure through the extensive influencer talent and creators within the OTK Network. By harnessing their power, we can amplify the reach and visibility of indie games, revolutionizing the industry and helping them thrive."

OTK getting into publishing follows other content creators getting into the business, with Yogcast becoming a publisher in 2021 and, more recently, content creators Jason Gastrow (better known as Videogamedunkey or just Dunkey) and Leah 'Leahbee' Gastrow announcing publishing label Bigmode.

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