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Operation: Star Hammer

Shoot-'em-up hoping to hit the nail on the head via Xbox LIVE Community Games.


Perth, Australia - March 16, 2009 - Black Lab Games is proud to announce Operation: Star Hammer, coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Community Games portal.

Operation: Star Hammer is an intense action-packed shoot-em-up, set in a war-ravaged galaxy under threat from the evil Nautilid empire. As a raw recruit, gamers will enlist with the Alliance of Planets Defence Force as they join the fight to save the universe from total destruction. Presented via a top-down view, pilots fly a space fighter using full 360 degree freedom of movement as they take on enemy fighters and gunships in a frenzy of space combat.

Featuring 60 missions across three separate campaigns, Operation: Star Hammer boasts both solo and multi-player game modes. Mission objectives range from flying patrols to engage a ruthless enemy, escort missions, covert operations behind enemy lines and more. Operation: Star Hammer offers a multi-player option in which up to three players can take control of enemy ships in an attempt to prevent the main player's mission objective from being reached.

Pilots gain access to improved weapons and promotions as they progress through the game. Completed missions can be replayed at any time.

Featuring high resolution, hand-drawn art and loads of dazzling special effects, Operation: Star Hammer is scheduled to be available in Q2 2009.

Visit http://www.blacklabgames.com.au for more information.

About Black Lab Games

Black Lab Games is an independent game development initiative dedicated to bringing compelling and approachable games to gamers of all ages and interests. Founded in April 2008, Black Lab Games mission is to make entertaining and accessible games with a focus on pick-up-and-play action-based titles. More information can be found at the official web site at http://www.blacklabgames.com.au


Paul Turbett


Website: http://www.blacklabgames.com.au


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