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Open Roads team completely separates from Fullbright

Former lead Steve Gaynor shifts to solo game development and says he "really regrets" past management behavior

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The Open Roads development team is no longer a part of the Fullbright game studio.

As reported by Polygon, the collective, now known as The Open Roads Team, will continue to work with publisher Annapurna Interactive.

The split was announced in an update from Fullbright co-founder Gaynor. He said, "After a great deal of consideration, it's just no longer Fullbright's place to represent Open Roads publicly going forward; it will be credited to 'The Open Roads Team' at launch."

The news comes nearly two years after Gaynor stepped down as lead of the title, following complaints about his leadership and mistreatment of women.

It was reported that his behavior led to 15 staffers exiting since development started on Open Road in 2019.

Additionally, in today's announcement, he commented on his past management.

He said, "I was increasingly unhappy in that higher-level role, and I let that affect how I acted towards people at the studio. It's something I really regret and should have managed to address sooner. But that didn't happen, and that's on me."

Gaynor also said that Fullbright's next game will be solo developed by himself.

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