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OnLive US pricing announced

Streaming service's cost for permanent access to games matches retail prices

The launch of OnLive in the US has given the first detailed look at pricing for the could gaming service, with permanent access to new games costing the same as standard retail releases.

As detailed by sister site Eurogamer, rental options for three or five days are also offered, but both pricing and availability vary from game to game.

Minor title Puzzle Chronicles, for example, can either be bought outright for $9.99 or rented for three days for $3.99.

2009 title Borderlands can be bought for $29.99, rented for five days for $8.99 or leased for $5.99 for three days.

Newer titles such as Splinter Cell: Conviction currently have no rental options and can only be bought for $59.99.

Since use of the games, even when bought outright, is dependent entirely on the OnLive servers, access is currently only guaranteed until June 17 2013. It is unclear, however, if this time limit is also due to licensing limitations.

Access to paid-for games is also dependent on maintaining an OnLive subscription, although these are currently free for the first year.

BT has already announced plans to be the exclusive carrier for the OnLive service in the UK, following a minor investment in the company. However, the service is not due to go live in Britain until late 2011.

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David Jenkins