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OnLive planning new payment models for Europe

Chris Donahue: "I want everybody's money"

OnLive publisher and developer relations head Chris Donahue has said that the cloud streaming service has to adopt new payment methods for Europe, including cashcards and mobile payments.

Speaking after a presentation to developers at GDC yesterday, Donahue told that a global operation would mean an integration of global payment methods.

"Absolutely. There's no doubt about it," said Donahue when asked about the possibility of a freemium or microtransaction model in the service's future.

"Our economy engine is a little bit limited at the minute but we're looking at it. We're launching in Europe later this year, so we've got to change. They don't accept US credit cards there. There's pay by mobile and all those other billing things.

"I want to get cash cards, so I can get little kids' money. I want everybody's money," the executive joked.

"That's the thing - the platforms are now irrelevant, we upgrade the hardware - all you need is something you can view OnLive on, then you can play. When it comes to the economy stuff, people expect us to have, what is it, 215 different currencies worldwide? Then also other billing methods."

"We're definitely working on it, we'll have all that for whatever regional roll-outs we do."

OnLive has been very light on its feet in terms of adapting its business models to changing market conditions far, opening a service last month which allows players to access most older games on the service for $10 a month.

Originally, OnLive had planned to charge $4.95 a month to access the service at all, but that was dropped in October last year.

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