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OnLive names Equinix as data centre partner

Companies have been working together for over four years

Cloud gaming company OnLive has named Equinix as the provider of its data centre services.

The two companies have been in partnership for over four years, but have only just lifted the lid on their deal, which see Equinox managing OnLive's international games network - the publicly listed company has 90 data centres in 35 markets.

"OnLive makes the impossible possible by providing consumers instant access to top videogames over a broadband connection. Equinix is at the epicenter of our strategy," commented Charlie Jablonski, VP of operations at OnLive.

"Having access to a large ecosystem of carriers and potential content partners has greatly expedited our rollout schedule and made scaling the service seamless and efficient. The power of Equinix' global platform is evident every time a gamer uses OnLive to play instantly."

OnLive launched in June this year, offering to games on PC and Mac - but its biggest launch will be the OnLive MicroConsole, which will allow streaming games on HDTV.

"As consumers continue to gravitate to on-demand consumption of videogames across a widening array of connected devices - in the home, in the hand and beyond - it's essential that game companies work in concert with the media ecosystem of CDNs, service providers, social networks, cloud companies and smart-phone device platforms to mobilise and monetise their games and their brand," said Jim Poole, general manager at Equinix.

"Equinix is home to more market leaders in the digital media space than any other global data centre services provider. OnLive understands the inherent opportunity this presents to their business, and we are pleased we can continue to support their vision."

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