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OneBigGame Names Big Board of Directors

Non-Profit Publisher Draws Industry Icons to Guide Mission of Making Great Games to Give Back

SAN FRANCISCO - Feb. 13th, 2008 - OneBigGame (, the non-profit games publisher founded with a philanthropic vision, has announced the formation of its Board of Directors. Industry luminaries taking positions on the board are Mark DeLoura, Videogame Technical Consultant; Jamil Moledina, Executive Director of the Game Developers Conference; Ian Baverstock, CEO of Kuju Entertainment and Chairman of TIGA and Susan Marshall, Assistant Director of OneBigGame. OneBigGame is a non-profit publisher of video games, bringing to market games created specifically for this purpose by famous designers and developers, as a charitable donation. The objective is to raise funds for leading children's charities in support of life-changing projects around the world.

"I am delighted to be joined by a group of esteemed professionals with such diverse industry experience," Martin de Ronde, founder and chairman, OneBigGame, said. "Establishing our board of directors to work side-by-side our equally senior advisory board marks the completion of our organizational structure and ensures that we can confidently look forward to our launch later this year."

The Board of Directors is supported by a stellar cast of Advisory Board members representing many different disciplines within the industry, including industry executive Chris Deering; Mark Cerny of Cerny Games; David Perry of and, as well as Julien Merceron, CTO of Eidos.

Formed by ex-Guerrilla co-founder Martin de Ronde, the concept for OneBigGame is based on the belief that videogames - one of the largest entertainment industries in the world - with its vast creative resources and impact on popular culture, is perfectly placed to raise funds for charity as well as raise awareness among audiences for the causes it supports.

"OneBigGame is basically a global platform that will allow game developers to use their creative resources to do something good for the world", explains Martin de Ronde.

More information on OneBigGame can be found on the newly re-designed website: For an appointment at the imminent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from 18-22nd February please contact Martin de Ronde ( or Susan Marshall (

About OneBigGame

OneBigGame aims to raise funds to help solve problems afflicting children around the world. The nature of these problems can be diverse, but the kind of initiatives OBG supports will always revolve around a structural improvement in children's lives, expanding their opportunities in life.

Being a global organization and supported by a global industry and community, OBG will primarily support global organizations. OneBigGame may also support local or country specific children's charity organizations, likely put forward by OBG benefactors and contributors.

Initially, OneBigGame will operate purely as a non-profit organization and not as a charity itself: OneBigGame will funnel the net funds it generates directly towards other charitable organizations directly active in the field of supporting children.

About the Board of Directors

Martin de Ronde - Founder and Chairman, Board of Directors

Martin de Ronde started working in the games industry over 10 years ago as a PR manager and later as development manager in publishing. After this, he wanted to see what life was like on the other side of the game industry fence and founded his own development studio in 1998, which he sold to multimedia conglomerate Lost Boys a year later. Here, Martin became co-founder and managing director of Lost Boys games, the company's newly setup games division. Lost Boys games went independent in 2001 and was renamed Guerrilla Games when sold to cross media company Media Republic in 2003.

At Guerrilla Games, Martin was commercial director, witnessing the birth of PlayStation 2 hit Killzone for Sony Computer Entertainment and PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox hit Shellshock: Nam '67 for Eidos. He left the company in 2004, moving to Guerrilla's parent company Media Republic. Here, he was involved in a very broad range of high and low-end games projects, ranging from TV games, MMO gaming apps, casual gaming and advergaming. He left Media Republic end of 2006 and per the 1st of January 2007, he is full time involved in OneBigGame.

Susan Marshall - Secretary and Board Member

Susan Marshall works as an independent video game consultant. Next to OneBigGame, her current client list includes industry veteran David Perry (, for whom she manages business projects and relationships and the Develop conference ( where she is responsible for securing high level and thought-provoking speakers from a wide cross-section of the global games industry. Previously, Susan spent five years at CMP, becoming the Associate Conference Director for the Game Developers Conference, GDCEurope, Serious Games Summit and GDCMobile, where she was responsible for managing all of its speakers and scheduling the sessions, as well as developing a marketing and pr strategy for each conference. Before the GDC, Susan worked in the marketing department at Discreet/Autodesk where she helped develop marketing videos for tradeshows like GDC, Nab and Siggraph and helped implement overall marketing strategies for Discreet's range of film and game products.

Jamil Moledina - Executive Director, Game Developers Conference - Board Member

Jamil runs the Game Developers Conference, the largest game industry-only event in the world. His responsibility covers shaping the vision of the conference, and ensuring the integrity of the business experience of the show. He directs the editorial selection of sessions, secures the keynotes, develops the expo floor and networking events, and manages the budget, production, marketing, and sales of the show. His work is informed by serving as the liaison between the GDC and its group of industry advisors, and by maintaining close ties to both the developer and publisher communities. He also manages the full range of regional GDC events throughout the world. Jamil was previously editor-in-chief of Game Developer magazine, managing the editorial direction of, and developing features for, the industry-leading publication. Jamil found his way to the game industry via a roundabout route including tech business consulting, film commentary, and corporate law, but is a lifelong gamer and science fiction fan. He is currently finalizing a novel set in the distant future.

Ian Baverstock - Kuju Entertainment - Board Member

Ian is co-founder and CEO of Kuju Entertainment and has been working in the games industry for 16 years. Originally a programmer, Ian has been responsible for the overall creative direction of Kuju in recent years as well as business strategy. Kuju now operates as 5 autonomous UK studios. Ian is also chairman of Tiga, the UK independent game developers' trade association.

Mark DeLoura - Videogame Technical Consultant - Board Member

Mark is a 15-year game industry veteran and the creator of the Game Programming Gems series of technical books. As a technical consultant, he advises game studios and publishers on their technology strategies, as well as analyzing the production schedules and technology pipelines for games under development.

Formerly, Mark was the Technical Director for Ubisoft San Francisco, where he advised on both internal and external titles, and vetted studios and projects that were under consideration as new business opportunities. Prior to joining Ubisoft, Mark spent time as Developer Relations Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America, Editor-in-Chief of Game Developer Magazine, and Lead Software Engineer at Nintendo of America. His education focused on real-time computer graphics and virtual reality research.

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