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Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Celebrating the launch of Killzone 2 with a 24-hour online gaming session; all welcome.

26/02/09 – The team of Future’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK celebrates the launch of Killzone 2 with a 24hr gaming session on the PlayStation Network and you can join them!

From 08:00, Friday 27th February – the entire Official PlayStation Magazine editorial team will be online for 24 hours. Why? Because it beats working. With the UK release of Killzone 2 it’s the perfect time to celebrate just how many incredible, must-play online titles PS3 now boasts.

You won’t just be playing with Official PlayStation Magazine’s elite team of gamers. Throughout the day various developers will be dropping in to play their own games with you and the team. EA Vancouver will be playing FIFA 09, Criterion will be playing Burnout Paradise, and Infinity Ward will be playing COD4, amongst others to be revealed as action unfolds tomorrow.

Each time the team switches games they’ll be clearing their friends lists. If you’re one of the first to chuck them an invite at the start of a new session you could end up smashing a few past them in PES 2009 (unlikely), giving them a beating at Street Fighter IV (they’ve not learnt all the new moves yet) or lapping them in Wipeout HD with Sony Studio Liverpool looking on (those hover cars do go *pretty* fast).

To keep track of exactly what the team are playing, follow the updates on the magazine’s Twitter account, OPM_UK.


Official PlayStation Magazine’s 24-hour marathon



Resistance 2


Crash Commando


PES 2009

Calling All Cars

Killzone 2

Wipeout HD

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift


Burnout Paradise

Street Fighter IV

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Metal Gear Solid 4

Morning (Sat)

Team Fortress 2

Grand Theft Auto IV



Call Of Duty: World At War.

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