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Now Boarding

Indie airport tycoon sim.

Olive Hill, KY August 8, 2008

Now Boarding is an action-tycoon game focused on running an airport.

Create calm from chaos in a busy airport. Get your passengers to the correct destination before they freak out!!

The team at Airways Airlines needs help to keep their airport open!

Previous management fled the country and left the company upside down.

Step in and take charge to get it running smoothly. Pick up and drop off passengers to a growing number of destinations. Route planes carefully and don't leave anyone behind! The passengers get angry the longer they wait, so get them home before they freak out. However, there is help. Hire employees by choosing from a variety of fun characters. Lead the team to success.

Grow the airline by expanding to new cities. Keep up the fleet of planes to handle an increasing numbers of passengers. Renovate the terminal with seats, stores, and snacks to keep everyone happy.

Decorate with plants and paintings to make it more inviting. Spread across the United Sates through 3 dynamic episodes. Perfect strategies with Free Play Mode and push limits with Survival Mode. Earn unlockables and achievements and set new records! Dive into a retro world with a hip soundtrack.

Now Boarding - a whole new kind of game. Experience it for yourself at

User Reviews for Now Boarding, web edition:

"This game is original. I have never played any game even like this.

It's fun smooth, and I love the idea of the game. You control

everything, and it's fun trying to make the passengers be happy so they

don't freak out."

justgotpwned at

"Dang! That was such a tight game! I really enjoyed it. All the tactics

involved in routing your plane correctly, and buying new equipment was

really fun and I liked this game a lot."

youdontseeme at


Windows, Mac or Linux

1 Ghz CPU 128MB RAM

Size: 11MB

Uses Adobe's groundbreaking AIR platform

Pricing and Availability: $14.99 USD as digital download purchase at Free demo available.

Screenshots here:

Purchase here:

For more information:

Gabob LLC is a company dedicated to making fun and innovative games

that do more than just entertain.

Press Contact:

Tim Fowers

contact at


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