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Nordic titles represented at GC

New games from Shortfuse Games and frecle; Novint Falcon controller also on display

Shortfuse Games and frecle will be among the companies showcasing new titles at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig, as part of the Nordic Game representation at the event.

Shortfuse will be showing off Colosseum, a 3D fighter created using Microsoft's XNA platform, a trailer for which was shown at the company's press conference at E3, with the game already nominated for two awards.

Copenhagen-based frecle will be showcasing the first playable version of Youropa, a new puzzle-action platform game pitting the gamer against the Onesiders to reclaim land previously belonging to the Youropeans.

Meanwhile HaptX will be demonstrating its Novint Falcon 3D controller for the PC at the event, compatible with titles including Quake 4 and Penumbra: Black Plague, and playable with Crysis and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at Games Convention.

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