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Nordic Game demand again exceeds supply

Applications for game funding total 14 times the amount available in subsidees

The Nordic Game Program has revealed statistics around the second round of funding applications for 2009 from developers in the region hoping to create videogames.

In total there were 84 requests submitted - with the total sum around 14 times the amount of money available from the Program's pot - bringing the number for the whole of 2009 up to 170.

"Naturally, we are extremely pleased with the attention, the confidence the industry has shown in us, and the strong support that our activities have so clearly built up in a short time," said Erik Robertson, head of the programme, who went on to compare the support received by videogames compared to that received by traditional media.

"We have rationalised - It was essential to cope with the administrative burden generated by the industry's overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the culture-policy initiative behind our programme. But our funding only amounts to a tenth of that available to traditional media from Nordic sources."

"In Canada and France, for example, the industry receives 10 to 20 times as much - and I don't mean in absolute terms, I mean per capita. It is also a fact that modern culture produces very interesting export products.

"The Nordic Region is already highly respected in the global games industry, so there would be good grounds for criticism if we were to miss such an obvious opportunity to work together to create great cultural experiences and develop strong technologies for the future - not to mention all the jobs that would be created. All of these elements are exactly the kind of response we need to face down increased global competition.”

In total DKK 3 million (USD 600,000) is available for this funding round, and a panel will now assess the applications to decide how best to split up that money.

Applications for the most part came from Sweden (32) and Finland (26), with Denmark (17), Norway (6) and Iceland (3) making up the rest of the numbers.

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