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Nordic Game awards DKK 3 million

8 projects benefit from final round of funding in 2008

The Nordic Game Program has announced the list of beneficiaries for its DKK 3 million (USD 550,000) fund in the year's final round of funding, with eight projects receiving a cut of the money.

Four of those projects were from Sweden, two from Finland, and one each from Norway and Iceland, with the single biggest award being DKK 500,000 (USD 91,700).

A total of 63 applications were made, with the awarding panel commenting that quality has continued to increase, but noted specific areas in which it hoped to see further improvement next year.

"The general quality of the applications has risen significantly over the years and is now more consistent than ever," read a statement. "We would, however, like to see future projects being even better developed in all three of the most important areas - business plan, gameplay and graphics."

The projects awarded funding were as follows:

  • Aquatic Ambience, Chiralion Oy, Finland: DKK 300,000 (USD 55,000)
  • Boingo, Black Drop Studios, Sweden: DKK 300,000
  • Brothers, The Story Lab, Sweden: DKK 500,000
  • Furiae - Uppvaknandet, Resolution Interactive, Sweden: DKK 300,000
  • IloMilo, Global Southend Productions, Sweden: DKK 500,000
  • Invasion Europe, Sauma Technologies, Finland: DKK 400,000 (USD 73,400)
  • SuperDoodler, Earthtree Media, Norway: DKK 400,000
  • Vikings of Thule, Gogogic, Iceland: DKK 400,000

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