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NOBILIS announces the forthcoming "DA VINCI Experience"

A Nobilis, Elektrogames, Totem Studio, Kheops Studio and Mzone Studio co-production, DA VINCI Experience is due for release on PC next spring.

DA VINCI Experience is the first game created about the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci.

It offers players the opportunity to grapple with the mysteries of the codes hidden within the works of the great Italian genius.

DA VINCI Experience is a major adventure and investigation game for PC that will be available in spring 2006.

The world publishing rights for DA VINCI Experience belong to the Nobilis Group.

Leonardo DA VINCI

(Born: Vinci, near Florence, Italy, 1452 - Died: Le Clos-Lucé, near Amboise, France, 1519)

Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian artist and inventor was born in Tuscany in 1452. He received one of the finest educations available at the time before leaving for Florence and Verrochio's workshop in 1467. Here, he trained in several disciplines: painting, sculpture, and decorative arts. In 1481, Leonardo left Florence for Milan where he lived until 1499. From 1506 onwards, he returned periodically to Milan up until 1513. In 1516, he accepted the King of France, François I's, invitation to settle in France at the Clos Lucé in Amboise, where he was named "Chief artist, engineer and architect to the king". When he died in 1519, he left his collection of technical notes to his pupil and faithful companion, Francesco Melzi, so that they could be published and made available to as many people as possible.

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