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No Freakin' Way

Amaze friends with iPhone-based card tricks.

Performing magical card tricks is no longer reserved for the trained professional. All you need in addition to your Apple iPhone™ or Apple iPod touch® is your personal download of “No Freakin’ Way” from professional magician Carl Andrews: with this amazing app you have the opportunity to amaze, shock and surprise anyone around you with the classic “Pick a card, any card” card trick.

Traditionally, this is how the trick is performed: The magician spreads out a deck of cards face-out in his hand. He invites an unsuspecting audience member to "pick a card, any card". The audience member picks a card, memorizes it, and gives it back to the magician, who replaces it in a "random" position in the deck. The magician of course, never sees what the card is, hence the "magic" effect when he picks the correct card back out of the deck and asks very dramatically "is this your card?"

With No Freakin’ Way you are the magician and your Apple iPhone™ or Apple iPod touch® is the deck of cards. Invite anyone and everyone to try it out and you’ll be guaranteed they will shout out “No Freakin’ Way” this is possible! But we assure you it is! Have your own audience think of a card, any card, really hard. Hand over your phone, and ask your victim to hold their finger on the screen for five seconds as the magic happens: A bit of vibration, some wonderful visuals flipping through the deck of cards, and presto, the card in question is revealed onscreen! No marked cards, no secret decks – pure magic! You don't believe us do you? Try it out!

No Freakin’ Way is available from the App Store:

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