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Nintendo: We sell the most third party games

VP of corporate affairs defends the console's sales against assumptions that they're dominated by first party titles

Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs, Denise Kaigler, has defended the Wii's third party sales, saying that there is an incorrect assumption that only first party games do well.

"There is an assumption out there that just simply isn't true...We're setting the record straight. This is fact...We are selling third party games and they are doing very well, and better than our competitors," Kaigler told GameDaily.

This is supported by THQ's recent break down of its sales for the last financial quarter, which revealed that the majority of the company's earnings came from Nintendo's Wii and DS platforms. However this did come during a quarter when the company reportedly tripled its losses.

A representative for Nintendo told that by March this year there were 26 Wii titles that shipped in excess of one million units, 12 of which were from third parties - accounting for almost half.

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