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Nintendo reveals Wii's first Wi-Fi title

The first Wii title to utilise Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection for online play will be Pokemon Battle Revolution, the company has announced - with the game due to launch this summer.

The game, which continues the immensely popular Pokemon franchise, will also showcase the wireless link-up between the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii consoles for the first time.

Players who own Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl on the DS will be able to link up with the Wii title to import characters into Pokemon Battle Revolution - and will even be able to use the DS as a controller for the game.

The DS and Wii both have Wi-Fi functionality built in by default, but while many DS games take advantage of the function, to date no Wii games have offered online play or DS connectivity. Instead, the Wii has focused on non-games services delivered over the network, such as news, weather, messaging and Virtual Console downloads.

Pokemon Battle Revolution is due to launch on June 25th in North America, with no European date as yet announced for the title.

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