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Nintendo removes The Last of Us knock-off from its digital store

YouTube trailers are taken down after Sony issues copyright strikes

Nintendo has removed The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival from the eShop.

The game has been widely criticised from the media for being a low quality shooter using assets and branding designed to make people think this is The Last of Us, Sony's critically acclaimed PlayStation series.

The trailers for the game have been taken down from YouTube due to copyright claims made by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It's not clear if the removal from the eShop is also due to a complaint from Sony.

People who had previously bought the game are still able to play it.

The Last Hope is from West Connection Limited, one of a few games publishers out there who commission cheap clones to popular games, with lengthy titles that use some of the words associated with those very same titles. sister publication Digital Foundry likened the game to a 'scam'.

"When you see something like this it really pulls back the curtain on the depravity festering within certain corners of the industry," wrote the publications John Linneman.

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