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Nintendo promotes key US executives

A major round of senior promotions at Nintendo of America has seen seven staff moving up to the position of senior director at the firm, while a further two have become directors.

Beth Llewelyn has become senior director of corporate communications for the firm, Robert Matthews has become senior director of consumer marketing, Jon Pedersen is senior director of technical services and Carrie Schnelker is now senior director and deputy general counsel.

Steve Singer has been promoted to senior director of sales and marketing for Latin America, Murray Weir moves up to senior director of supply chain planning, and Kevan Wilson is now senior director of sales.

Moving up into director roles are Anka Dolecki, who becomes director of public relations, and Casey Pelkey, who is now business director of publications.

"Each of these employees has made remarkable contributions to Nintendo's success," according to Nintendo of America president Tatsumi Kimishima. "As leaders in their areas of expertise, both their dedication and professionalism make them ideal candidates for these well-deserved promotions."

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