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Nintendo preps expansion into medical device business

Company updates articles of incorporation in advance of diversification efforts, notes moves into "computer software"

When Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima shelved the company's sleep monitor project earlier this year, he told investors, "we still believe there are things we can do in the general category of Quality of Life, and we will continue to study the possibility of expanding into this field." Those studies may have been productive, as the company today updated its articles of incorporation to prepare for a bit of business diversification.

Under the section laying out the businesses it engages in, Nintendo added two new fields. Henceforth, Nintendo's business will also have it involved in "development, manufacturing, and sale of medical devices and health devices," as well as "development, manufacturing, and sale of computer software."

While those changes may reflect two possible paths of expansion for the company, they shouldn't be taken as an indicator of any sort of pivotal shift. Nintendo's articles of incorporation now detail 21 fields of business, and covers the manufacture of sporting equipment, office equipment, radio-related technology, restaurant management, and "non-life insurance agency and life insurance offering."

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