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Nintendo patent case appeal rejected

A court has upheld the earlier ruling that Nintendo should pay the $21m sum for patent violations

A Judge has upheld a court's earlier decision that found Nintendo guilty of patent infringements and ordered it to pay USD 21 million to the Texas-based company Anascape, rejecting an appeal made by the videogame giant.

Nintendo was found guilty of violating patents held by Anscape earlier this year for its Wii Classic, WaveBird and Gamecube controllers - not with the Wii's motion-sensing control.

At the time of the original verdict a spokeswoman for Nintendo said that the company hoped to "significantly" reduce the USD 21 million verdict on appeal. However the plaintiff's law firm, McKool Smith, has said that a Texas District Court "denied the defendant's motion for a reduced verdict, finding that the jury's award is supported by the evidence," as reported by Gamasutra.

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