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Nintendo announces GameCube bundle for US

Nintendo is hoping to bump up Christmas sales by launching a new GameCube/Mario Party 7 bundle in the US and a Pokémon-branded Game Boy Micro in Japan.

Nintendo is hoping to bump up Christmas sales by launching a new GameCube and Mario Party 7 bundle in the US and a Pokemon-branded Game Boy Micro in Japan.

From November 7, US shoppers will be able to pick up a GameCube, Mario Party 7 and two controllers for USD 99.99 - the same current price as a standalone console and controller.

The latest instalment in the Mario Party series features 80 mini-games and a multiplayer mode for up to eight opponents. It comes with the GameCube Mic, which allows users to command characters' movements vocally. The game will retail for USD 49.99.

The move follows poor sales for GameCube hardware and software in North America, as recently revealed in Nintendo's half-year financial results. The company's senior marketing director, Yoshihiro Mori, conceded that "The product's life is nearing its end."

So far no GameCube bundles have been announced for Japan, but Nintendo did confirm that a Pokemon edition of its diminutive new Game Boy Micro handheld will be hitting the shops on November 17. Designed in metallic red and black, it features a small white Pikachu silhouette above the A and B buttons.

Nintendo will distribute the product via Pokemon Online and Pokemon Mobile, and through Pokemon Centres across Japan. It will retail for 12,000 yen (USD 105) - the same price as the non-branded Micro.

Nintendo declined to comment on whether any GameCube bundles are planned for Europe, or whether the Pokemon GB Micro will make it over here. However, a representative did confirm that there will be announcements made regarding Christmas promotions over the coming weeks.

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