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Nintendo already rejected camera motion-tech

Company president admits experimenting with devices, but preferring accelerometers

While the talk of this year's E3 was the camera-based motion-sensing technology being developed by Sony and Microsoft, it has emerged that Nintendo, too, experimented in that area - but abandoned it in favour of continuing to work with accelerometers.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told the Financial Times that the company found better results in that area, and is set to release the next iteration of that technology - Wii MotionPlus - this month.

And while he's already stated his belief that the two rival platform manufacturers are "welcome" to the motion-tech party, he's also keen to see how the devices work out.

"Until they say when they're releasing it, how much it costs and what software it comes with, we won’t know whether that is the route we should have taken," he said. "However... I think they couldn't choose to release exactly the same thing."

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