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Ninja Gaiden international showdown set for TGS

Tecmo has confirmed what many suspected - that the Worldwide Finals of its Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja Tournament will be held at the Tokyo Game Show towards the end of September.

Tecmo and Microsoft had already promised to fly out the winners of the American and European competitions - with winners of the European element in line for two tickets to Tokyo and four nights of accommodation - and now it seems they will meet their Japanese counterparts on the floor of the show.

The Master Ninja tournament is still ongoing in Europe, and is based on players' performance in the single-player Ninja Gaiden game, as uploaded to a ranking table on Xbox Live.

European Xbox owners wishing to compete can do so as long as they have a copy of the game and an Xbox Live subscription; entries will remain open until September 2nd, at which point the highest-ranked player on the European scoreboard will be judged to be the winner.

External Link: [Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja Tournament]

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