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Ninja Captains

Introducing Fat Ninja.

02nd October 2009

Slowly, he descends from the ceiling. Stealth like, Fat Ninja infiltrates the enemies base searching for the top secret disc that could finally help the Ninja Captains destroy their most devious enemy yet, the giant mouse who has taken over the world!

Up above, in the air vents Gadget Ninja, Clumsy Ninja and Warrior Ninja watch in vain as Fat Ninja moves ever closer to the disc, when suddenly something catches his eye. With his nose twitching and his stomach rumbling Fat Ninja has a decision to make; does he collect the top secret disc or the hot, fresh, fully loaded hamburger?

Furiously the rest of the Ninja Captains watch from above as Fat Ninja makes his choice, licking his lips he picks up the hamburger and ascends back in to the vents, has the disc been lost forever? Will Warrior Ninja let Fat Ninja get away with this? Will Fat Ninja enjoy his hamburger?

Find out in the latest video from Ninja Captains!

Link to latest Video:

High Res Download:

Look out for the next video when the Ninja Captains try a spot of fishing…………………….

Join the Ninja Captains in their pranks and capers this autumn; travel to famous cities like London, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro plus many others. Travel the world and test yourself at bull running, sledding and Gondola racing…

Released on the 16th October the combination of wacky humour, addictive game play and exotic locations makes Ninja Captains a must-play title this year for anyone who owns a Wii or DS... Don’t miss out!

Nordcurrent continues a series of videos giving you an idea of what the Ninja Captains like to do in their spare time…

To view the videos please click on the corresponding links:

Official Game Trailer:

Afro Ninja:

Warrior Ninja in battle:

Gadget Ninja is Magic!:

Clumsy Ninja – Piano man:

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