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Browser-based brawler goes global.

November 05, 2009

For Immediate Release

The most popular Ninja fighting browser-based game is coming! Nindou, the hugely famous oriental ninja style game will start a fabulous journey for the ninja fans around world. There are already over one million followers in Nindou world, and this time it’s going international, especially for Europe, Middle Asia and Latin America. The close-beta will soon be launched during November, chase up the official website <> for the latest information.

Quick Link, Quick Move, Quick Fight!

More than just a RPG game, Nindou is the gateway to a whole new type of real-time gaming experience for both hardcore and casual gamers. Through the quick connecting with your browser, gamers can easily take a part in the marvelous Nindou world. It’s fun to know other ninjas from different nations and have wonderful collaborations with them. Every of you have unique ninja skills, through mutual help and bring to play each unique styles, you will have a very enjoyable experience here.

Fight For The Nindou World!

There are hundreds of ninja items waiting for you to collect, and you can also dress up your own Nindou characters with thousands of avatar items. Just join the Nindou world and you will discover the ninja spirit deep inside of you. Grab powerful Nindou weapons and cast your mysterious ninja skills, try to forge yourself to be a ninja master!

Contact Info

Evan Chang

Product Manager


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