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Niko Partners: 62% of China PC players spending more on games than last year

Steam remains top distribution platform for PC gamers

Almost two thirds of PC gamers in China have spent more on games than any other platform in 2024, according to a new report by Niko Partners.

The China Gamer Behaviour and Markets Report, which surveyed 1,079 gamers in April 2024, also said that 19% of PC gamers claimed they spent at least 30% more on titles than they did last year.

The report found that Steam remained the top PC distribution platform in China, with nearly 80% of PC gamers who play premium titles using the platform.

It also said most players access the international version of Steam without use of a VPN.

Elsewhere, 44% of those surveyed watch video game and esports livestreams, with 69% using TikTok's Chinese app Douyin to do so.

45% of respondents said they discovered video games by watching short form content, ranking top for PC and mobile gamers and fourth for console players.

As for mobile gaming, the mini game segment has seen major growth amounting to approximately 650 million players. According to those surveyed, two-thirds of mobile gamers play mini games daily or several times a week.

"Our findings show a positive outlook for growth in player spending, notably in the PC gaming segment," said Niko Partners CEO Lisa Hanson. "Alternative ways for game discovery and non-ISBN games are emerging through short video platforms and continued access to Steam international.

"This suggests new opportunities for games marketing and monetisation, and companies need to better understand the current landscape of the Chinese market to implement appropriate strategies."

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