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New Xbox 360 software exclusives hailed

New titles in the Gears, Fable and Halo franchises shown; Crytek signs for Codename Kingdoms

New titles in the Gears of War, Fable and Halo franchise have all been shown off in this year's Microsoft press briefing, as part of the E3 Expo week in LA.

Gears of War 3, Fable III and Halo: Reach were all given airtime in the conference, with Cliff Bleszinksi, Peter Molyneux and Marcus Lehto all taking to the stage to promote their respective titles.

All three games were expected to have been shown at the briefing, but one surprise was a teaser for a new, 360-exclusive title from Crytek - a gladiatorial-style game called Codename Kingdoms, although little additional information was given.

The Gears of War, Fable and Halo games are all set for release towards the end of 2010, while Metal Gear Solid Rising - introduced by Hideo Kojima - was also on the slate.

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