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Joint Ops gets shiny new accessories - details exposed.

LONDON, UK (7th September, 2004) - NovaLogic is pleased to announce that the N.I.L.E Editing tool for the number one selling, record breaking, large scale FPS Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising is available for download.

N.I.L.E (NovaLogic Interactive Level Editor) allows users to place and edit objects in real time in 3D mode or 2D mode, as well as add waypoints, spawn points, buildings, vehicles, foliage, AAS style bases, decorations, and particle effects, and adjust sky height, water level, fog distance, the time of day, and more.

N.I.L.E also includes 'The Profiler', an in-house tool used for play balancing maps. The profiler allows the server host to play maps and simultaneously profile them. The Server can then take the resulting profile and replay the action in a 3d or 2D environment. The Profiler will allow map creators to see how the map played out by following the movements of the players.

A new update is also available for Joint Ops that adds N.I.L.E support, optimizes game performance on low to mid range machines and adds support for DirectX9.OC.

A new map for 60 to 100 Player games on NovaWorld - Tanah Highlands will also be available from 8th September. Tanah Highlands takes place in a dry high area with a large lake and towering peaks. The battle rages North to South and the centerpiece of the map is the local stronghold in the middle of the island. In addition there are treacherous peaks, deep gorges and gullies, burned forests, fortified bunkers, villages, green forests and large lakes for players to negotiate during battle.

Set in Indonesia in the near future, Joint Ops is the record breaking, largest multiplayer Modern Combat FPS game ever released. Developed using NovaLogic's enhanced Black HawkTM engine, with superior multiplayer technology, Joint Ops lets gamers play revolutionary 150 player games, across vast terrains online over NovaWorld.

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising is in stores now on PC CD ROM. To download N.I.L.E and the new update, visit .

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