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New Twitch features for Xbox One

Video on demand, better searches, new homepage

Twitch has updated its Xbox One app, adding video on demand, a redesigned homepage and advanced directories.

"Xbox One helped cement Twitch's place in the living room with its robust set of features," said Twitch's director of product marketing Annie Berrones.

"With this impressive set of updates, including the ability to now follow the games you want, view archived videos and have access to more advanced directories, video game streaming and spectating as part of the home entertainment experience is only going to get stronger."

The company also highlighted the importance of video on demand as a service.

"This represents the start of a new video service for Twitch, aimed at eventually delivering VODs everywhere. The rollout of this feature will be an ongoing process, with the majority of VOD content added to the program by early 2015," Berrones added in a blog post.

In case you haven't heard, Twitch is pretty successful. The company now has around more than 60 million visitors per month.

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