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New SunAge art and features revealed

Lighthouse Interactive and developer Vertex4 today released new artwork from their upcoming old skool RTS "SunAge". The update includes 12 new screenshots, three pieces of artwork and two wallpapers to enhance your windows desktop.

Roman Pfneudl, CEO of Vertex 4: "The development of SunAge is going as planned and the cooperation with Lighthouse is going very smoothly. We are having great fun testing the latest builds and enhancing the overall features. This month we would like to reveal one of these outstanding SunAge features. We call it "Indirect Intelligent Targeting" (IIT) which means: each squad can select its preferable type of target. Like e.g. tell all snipers to preferably take out all Golgotha's (huge organic creatures that are indeed vulnerable to sniper bullets). Pfneudl continues: "Combining this feature with the more familiar "force fire" option, players will have superior control over their units and the battlefield".

About SunAge

In a far distant future Earth is dying. Mankind retreats into sealed cities but a Cult spreads, delivering chaos. Our hero battles to protect his Federation and strike at the heart of the Cults creed. This opens a gateway to a paradise planet and the lethal Sentinel drones, which have a mission to complete - no matter what life-forms get in their way.

SunAge Features

- 3 distinct races - Human, Raak-zun and Sentinel- each with their own units, buildings,
technology advantages and disadvantages.
- Alternate modes for all units, dual functionality for greater tactical depth
- Exploit weaknesses in the enemies network while strengthening your own connection
- Formations: Intuitive formation handling and superior overview in battles
- Campaign: 24 map single player campaign with strong storyline
- Multiplayer: Old skool multiplayer with focus on gathering 4 kinds of resources and
outsmarting the opponent in battle
- Command queuing: Command your units to prone, build or attack where you want
them and when you want them to do so.
- Indirect Intelligent Targeting (IIT): order your units to focus on pre-selected targets.

Minimum System Requirements For SunAge

Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
700MHz Intel® Pentium® III or AMD® Athlon processor
128 MB RAM
4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
800MB free hard disk space
32 MB 3D accelerated video card

About Vertex4

After many years of dedicated indy development Vertex4 Ltd. was finally legally founded in February 2005. Having its headquarter in Vienna, Austria, the team of 7 professionals also includes talents from Denmark, Spain and UK. At the moment they are looking for an additional Sun Age AI-programmer to join the team. Those who are interested should head for

About Lighthouse Interactive

Lighthouse Interactive is a fast growing publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in Haarlem, The Netherlands and Montreal, Canada. Lighthouse's titles include the critically acclaimed adventure title "Keepsake" and the highly anticipated 4x space strategy hybrid "Sword of the Stars". Staffed with industry veterans and with offices in key locations around the world, Lighthouse is a strong alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.

For more information about SunAge please contact our PR Department at or visit our website

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