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New Strategy Game 'Brass Hats' Released for PC and Mac


Hamilton, ON/Canada -- August 14, 2007 -- A new strategy game called Brass Hats ( has been released by the independent developer Square Earth Games. A free demo is available, and you can purchase the game online directly from the website.

Brass Hats is a turn-based war game, available for Mac and PC. Play the role of a high ranking officer, a so-called Brass Hat, strategically commanding infantry, early tanks, biplanes, and naval ships to victory!

Brass Hats follows in the footsteps of great games such as Empire, Military Madness (Nectaris), Panzer General, and Advance Wars. "There just aren't enough games being created in this great style any more, so we thought, who better to fill this void than independent game developers?" said James Dewar, lead developer and creator of Square Earth Games.

Brass Hats contains a 28-mission campaign, where you command the Allied Forces in the Great War against the Central Army. As you progress through the campaign, the missions get more strategic and complex, and more types of units become available.

As you complete missions, you are awarded stars based on your performance, which move you up the ranks toward the ultimate rank of Brass Hat. As you move up in rank, you receive cards that give you tactical bonuses when played.

There is also a Versus mode, where you can play a single battle against the computer, another player on the same computer, or over the Internet.

For more information including screenshots and a free demo of the game, visit

About Square Earth Games

Brass Hats was created by the independent game company Square Earth Games, which is James Dewar (programmer) and Peter Queckenstedt (artist). The game took a year of full-time development to create.

James worked at Electronic Arts for 3 years on sports titles for the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Xbox 360 and PS3. After getting burned out by the industry, he decided to leave and create his own independent game company, to get back to his roots.

James explains: "I grew up playing games on the NES and SNES consoles. Ever since I first played video games, I've always loved them and wanted to create my own games. But when I started working in the industry, things had changed. Games were huge productions costing millions of dollars, with 50+ people working on a single game. While I enjoy modern games, and think there is a place for them, I personally prefer simpler games with a focus on fun. I guess I'm an old school gamer at heart."


James Dewar

Square Earth Games



Phone: (905)-393-8566

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