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New "Sigma Star Saga(TM)" Trailer Takes to the Skies

Namco Hometek Inc. today released a new trailer for its upcoming role playing game for the Game Boy®Advance, "Sigma Star SagaTM." Combining RPG depth and customization with action-packed space shooting segments and an original sci-fi premise, "Sigma Star Saga" will be available in stores this August.

"Sigma Star Saga" lets players assume the role of a human double agent in a decades-long struggle with the treacherous Krill army. As they seek to undermine the Krill war machine from the inside out, players will experience a massive game world set across a number of different planets, unprecedented gameplay variety and an ambitious storyline filled with betrayal, romance and triumph.

As they travel across the galaxy, players can customize their character with unique alien technology which will aid them in their quest and impart new abilities. When thrust into combat, the battle takes to the skies in intense space shooting segments. Utilizing Gun Data found on their quest, players can outfit their ship with more than 15,000 combinations of upgrades for complete air superiority.

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