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New Nintendo titles announced for Japan

Seven new titles for the Wii and DS have been confirmed to come out over the summer

Nintendo UK has confirmed a number of new games in development and announced their release dates.

The new Nintendo titles which were rumoured on NeoGaf are set to come out over the summer in Japan, with no European release date decided yet.

"Wario Land Shake has been announced in Japan where it is scheduled to be launched in July," a representative told videogaming247, adding, "Nothing announced for Europe right now."

According to the site, the spokesperson then confirmed the following titles and release dates for Japanese launch.

The DS titles follow:

  • Band Bros DX - June 26
  • Densetsu no Starfi - July 10
  • Rhythm Tengoku Gold - July 31
  • Fire Emblem - Aug 7

The Wii titles follow:

  • Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball - June 19
  • Wario Land Shake - July 24
  • Zero - July 31

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