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New "key property" from Nintendo on the way

Wii manufacturer has already told GameStop to "reserve space" in stores at the end of the year

Nintendo is definitely gearing up for the launch of a major release at the end of this year, although there's no clear indication of what it might be, despite rumours suggesting it could be a new Zelda game.

The confirmation came via GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo, who told CNBC that the Wii manufacturer had already been in touch with the US specialist retailer about the product.

"We think there will be a Nintendo key property coming out by the end of the year," he said. "They haven't given us any insight, but they have told us to reserve [shelf] space."

Meanwhile GameStop's COO Paul Raines noted that he expects to see this year's Call of Duty instalment sell big numbers, while The Beatles: Rock Band is also generating buzz in stores.

"We think the new Call of Duty from Activision will be one of the best-selling games of the year," he said. "People are dying to see footage - or anything, really - from that right now.

"The Beatles is such a powerful brand. I'm restricted about what I can say about the game right now, but it is very cool and is a very thorough Beatles property. They have done a lot more than just leveraged the Beatles catalogue."

GameStop's share price closed yesterday up 1.3 per cent at USD 31.90.

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